Georgia man indicted in 2 killings, stabbing

Brantley County man faces charges in stabbings of couple, killing of 22-year-old


BRUNSWICK, Ga. – The Glynn County grand jury on Tuesday returned a 15-count indictment against Raymond Brasiel, formally charging him with murder in two killings -- Amber Whited and Bobby Jenks -- and attempted murder in the stabbing of Jenk's wife, Mackie.

According to court documents, Brasiel used a belt to strangle 22-year-old Whited on or about July 16. Prosecutors say that three days after leaving Whited's body in a wooded area of northern Glynn County, Brasiel approached the Jenkses with a rifle, took the man's wallet, stabbed him several times, then stabbed his wife in the back.

Raymond Jenks died of his injuries and Mackie Jenks was hospitalized in critical condition.

Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering confirmed Wednesday that the Jenkses knew Brasiel and Mackie was able to tell police what happened. Brasiel was later arrested.

The indictment also accused Brasiel of two counts of theft for stealing the car stereo and GPS from Whited's car, and one count of concealing the death of another for hiding her body in woods off Highway 99 and Bladen Road.

Whited's body was found July 21 -- five days after she disappeared while on her lunch break at Harley-Davidson and two days after the Jenkses were attacked.

Doering said detectives have security video of Brasiel and Whited outside the Harley-Davidson. That evidence led them to talk to Brasiel's father.

Doering said after detectives left Brasiel's father's home that Sunday afternoon, they found fresh marks in the wooded area off Highway 99 and Blades Road, leading them to Whited's body.

Doering would not say if Whited knew Brasiel.

Brasiel was arrested in connection with the stabbings of Jenks the day after they were attacked and was already in jail when police located Whited's body.