Parents voice confusion over Head Start program

Parents say they've received little to no information

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Local parents are concerned about their children's plans for pre-K in the coming year after Jacksonville Urban League, which ran Head Start for years, was ousted in the spring.

The federal government, which funds the program, appointed an interim company, Community Development Institute, known as CDI.

Parents said since the group took the helm, they've received no information and one mother doesn't even known whether her child was accepted to the program this year.

"We don't have anything in writing, we don't have a bus schedule, we don't know who the director is, we don't know who is going to be on the campus or when we can come back," said concerned parent, Mary Staton.

Parents said they've also heard two different start times for school this year, with Aug. 19 being one of the dates and Sept. 3, nearly two weeks later, being the other.

"I just want to know when school is going to start, if my child got accepted," said Syteria White. "If not, what do I need to do to help her get accepted and just need to know when school is going to start."

White said that she is too in the dark when it comes to next year's school plans for her 3-year-old daughter.

"Kids need to go to school. At this age, this is when they are learning a lot," said White. "This is when their brains are soaking up the most."

"Now, here we are saying we don't know when school is going to start and I know this because I've called," White continued. "I haven't received anything saying he can't come back, when is he supposed to be back, nothing, so think about all the other parents who don't know who haven't called."

Channel 4 did reach out to get answers from CDI. Their communication's office asked us to email in our questions, but no one had responded as fo Tuesday night.