Friends and family say goodbye to Shelby Farah

20-year-old killed during armed robbery two weeks ago

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The 20-year-old killed during an armed robbery two weeks ago on the Northside was remembered Saturday morning in a special service with family and friends.

Services for Shelby Farah were held  at the Paxon Revival Church, where Farah was celebrated as woman who loved life and wanted to work with children.

Pastor Steve Dobbs reminded the family of all the good memories they have of Farah in their hearts and told the congregation that one day they'll see Farah in heaven.

"This never should have happened to a beautiful girl that had so much going for her," Dobbs said. "She wasn't on the streets, she wasn't doing evil, she was doing what she should do, have an education, doing a job and work."

On perhaps one of the hardest days of their lives, some say the only comfort they have are those memories of Farah.

"The one thing I appreciate about Shelby was the care for her sister and brother. She did her best in accomplishing what they needed to do academically, in the classroom," said Erica Wortherly, one of Farah's teachers.

Other teachers, classmates and family members poured into the church  to say goodbye one last time. Some of them had raw emotion directed at Farah's accused killer, 21-year-old James Rhodes.

"I think he needs to get what he deserves, this shouldn't be treated fairly, that was an innocent person that he killed," classmate Jelisa Eggleton said.

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