Tax-free school supplies, clothes this weekend

Personal computers, accessories included in sales tax-free holiday for first time

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tax-free weekend began Friday morning and continues all weekend -- a chance for Florida parents to save money on their back-to-school shopping.

Florida Lawmakers approved the three-day tax holiday again this year for school supplies up to $15 each and clothing up to $75 per item.  New this year, computers, tablets, e-readers and accessories up to $750 are also tax-exempt during tax-free weekend.

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Parents are flocking to the stores for savings, hoping to take advantage of the 7 percent savings.  And many of those stores are trying to capitalize on the tax holiday by extending hours and offering discounts to get people to spend money.

"Tax-free school supplies, that's the neatest thing I ever heard of," said Dicksy Rhodes.

The Rhodes family is planning their back-to-school shopping for this weekend.

Yradia Preacher, mother of two, estimated she'll spend, "Including clothing, probably $600 (on) shoes and clothes.  If all those items are on the tax-holiday list, she could save $42 in sales tax.

The tax-free holiday covers a lot of items, ranging from books to binders to electronics, but there are some items that are not tax-free, that you might think would be.

"One of the biggest items I've heard some groans about is copy paper," said Madison Conner, manager at Target. "You can't actually get that tax-free."

"I got to buy it either way, so it doesn't bother me," said Heather Walker.

The first day of school is right around the corner -- which means big savings for parents on back to school shopping. 30 to 40 buck to be exact for mother of three Robin McCrea.

"That means a lot because both my husband and I are on social security raising 3 kids so that's a lot of money for us to save," she said.

Preacher buys supplies for her own kids, as well as donations for the school, so she will take any savings she can get!

"We're also buying for the school not just for the kids during the year the school keeps asking if we can donate stuff so i buy everything at once."

Last year the holiday brought in 280 - 380 million dollars and with new items like laptops added to the list. This year they expect to bring in 400 miliion.

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