Victim's mom waits to meet Angela Corey

Sheby Farah's mother wants second man seen at MetroPCS store charged

The mother of Shelby Farah, who was robbed and murdered while working at a metro p-c-s store in Brentwood, is making another public plea.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The mother of the woman robbed and killed while working at the MetroPCS store in Brentwood last month says she is not leaving the state attorney's office until she can meet with Angela Corey.

Shelby Farah's mother, Darlene, was sitting on a bench outside the offices on Bay Street, where she has pledged to stay until she personally speaks with Corey.

Since the killing nearly three weeks ago, Darlene Farah has made it her mission to get justice for her daughter. While 21-year-old James Rhodes was arrested and charged with robbery and murder in the case, Farah wants to know why a second person seen in surveillance photos outside the cellphone store that day hasn't been charged.

"You've got video of him being in front of the store for 40 minutes, the 40 minutes up until the time my daughter got shot," Farah said. "(He was) talking to the suspect, to the defendant. I think he should be charged with it."

Still wearing a visitor's badge from an attempt to meet with Corey on Tuesday, she was told the state attorney didn't have time to talk with her.

"The way the chief investigator was talking to me was, I felt like I was reliving being at MetroPCS (Monday)," Farah said. "I feel like my daughter is a piece of trash to them. Now they don't have time."

Farah said that police reports she obtained indicates that second man was arrested on an unrelated drug charged, but she wants him charged as an accessory to murder.

"He knew that James Rhodes was going to go in there and shoot my daughter, rob my daughter," Farah said. "I don't know if he knew he was gong to shoot her, but he knew he was going to go in and rob my daughter."