Sultan Sandwich Shop inspected twice in 3 days

Popular sandwich shop gets new equipment to pass latest inspection

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Southside popular sandwich shop had to get new equipment after their latest inspection found critical violations that needed fixing right away.

An employee at the Sultan Sandwich Shop on Philips Highway told us she was there when the inspector came and even pulled out the failing report. The inspector had actually just left after a second visit a few hours before.

One of the critical violations was cheese, ham, milk and chicken being held at a temperature above what is considered safe.  In order to fix the problem, the restaurant recently got two new coolers.  Workers also make sure to time stamp the food to make sure it's fresh.

Another violation that the inspector noted was an employee handling food in a manner that could cause contamination.  Apparently that worker was recently hired and the inspector reminded her of the rules.

The lessons were learned because during a second visit just a few days later the inspector gave the restaurant the all clear.

The Sultan Sandwich Shop has consistently passed inspections with five meeting standards in a row.  It's latest inspector was just Monday and the inspector only found one critical violation. The restaurant was able to fix it that same day.

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