Main Street Bridge back open after false alarm

Police say woman taking pictures mistaken for jumper


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A late night call to police about a possible jumper closed the Main Street Bridge for more than three hours, and ended up being a false alarm.

Just before 11:00 p.m. Saturday night JSO says someone reported seeing a woman in a bikini climbing up the bridge. When officers got there they saw a woman walking off the bridge, then what they believed was a woman actually on the bridge.
Investigators say they didn't have the equipment or manpower to search so they set up a PA system, and called out a helicopter.

Eventually the SWAT Team, hostage negotiators, and fire and rescue came out to search the bridge, but officers didn't find anyone.

Lt. Larry Gale with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says, "We couldn't take the chance of leaving somebody up there. So obviously we had to call some people out and make sure we conducted a thorough search of the superstructure as well as the edges. We had boats in the water."

Investigators believe the woman they originally spoke with leaving the bridge was the woman mistaken for a jumper because she was leaning against the angle iron taking pictures.

There were no threats of suicide.