Police searching for missing Mandarin woman

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says foul play may be involved

Shannon Nicole Campbell
Shannon Nicole Campbell

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office asked for the public's help to find a missing woman.

Public information officer Melissa Bujeda said Shannon Nicole Campbell, 20, went missing near the 5600 block of Greenland Road in Mandarin.

Investigators have asked the media not to reveal the exact location of the incident because it could hurt their efforts to locate Campbell safely, but they said foul play is expected.

Bujeda said no vehicle was being looked for. 

Campbell is described as a black woman, 5-foot 7-inches tall and weighing 130 pounds.

Police have not said who Campbell was last seen with or given any motivation for her disappearance. They are questions that have left those in her neighborhood feeling on edge.

"Kinda scary," Robert Taylor said. "To think, that you know, this kind of neighborhood you always think you're protected especially near a gated community and everything too. It makes you wonder."  

"Just makes me more alert and to be more aware of my surroundings, I guess," Quinn Jones said.

Police are asking anyone who knows Campbell's whereabouts or who may have seen her in the last week to please call police immediately at 904-630-0500.