Mother not satisfied with one arrest

Mom of slain 20-year-old says witness to killing should be charged

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The mother of a slain 20-year-old woman is continuing to let her voice be heard and demand justice after her daughter's death.

Shelby Farah (pictured, below) was killed last month in a botched robbery at a Northside MetroPCS store. Police have arrested and charged 21-year-old James Rhodes, who they say admitted to the killing.

But Farah's mother still isn't happy. She thinks there is more to the story, and she believes another man may have been involved and is getting off the hook.

Darlene Farah sat outside the Duval County jail Tuesday waiting on a witness to the killing to be released from jail.

"I have a lot of questions that need answers," she said.

Farah said she's trying to find out why her daughter was killed and what the latest is in the investigation.

Police said 27-year-old Justin Curry (pictured, below) is the second man seen in surveillance video moments before the shooting. He's never been called a suspect and is only charged with drug possession after police said he was walking in and out of the crime tape after Farah's killing. He's been in jail ever since, but Tuesday morning, a judge ordered he be released on time served.

"I'm not the only one that wants answers. People in the community want answers," Farah said.

She said she's talked to police and the state attorney's office, but they continue to say Curry is a witness, not a part of the crime that took her daughter's life. Farah isn't satisfied and was waiting for him to be released from jail on those drug charges so she could have a word with him.

"I just want him to know that I don't care if it takes the last breath in my body, I will do whatever it takes to make sure he's prosecuted for my child's murder," she said.

The state attorney's office released a statement saying, "It would be inappropriate to comment on facts or evidence in a pending case. All comments regarding facts or evidence in Shelby Farah's murder will be made inside the courtroom."

Police said it is an ongoing investigation and they wouldn't be commenting.