Nearly 34 million expected to travel this weekend

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We're approaching the last holiday weekend of the summer!

Labor day marks the unofficial end of summer fun, and like every other year, millions of people plan to hit the road for a final trip.

The bad news that comes with that is the potential for bad traffic. But we do have some good news, too. Gas prices are cheaper compared to this time last year.

Using jacksonvillegasprices.com we found the BP station off San Jose Blvd and Baymeadows Rd has the cheapest gas in town today. We know how these prices fluctuate, but right now it's $3.35. The average in Jacksonville is $3.55.

So if you're one of the millions hitting the road today, you may want to check out where you fill up before you go.

The number of Americans traveling for Labor Day will be at it's highest level since the recession according to AAA.

34 million people are traveling more than 50 miles from home this weekend. 29 million of those people say they will be going by car, a 4.3 percent increase from last year.

That estimate makes for some very busy roads. Experts say their best advice is to leave Thursday, but if you missed that and are leaving Friday, they say your next best plan is to time the trip so you make it to the chokepoint on your route by early afternoon.

AAA says that the busiest travel day over the Labor Day holiday is Friday, with 46 percent of people traveling Friday. The second busiest day is Monday, when most will return.

For your return trip Monday, experts advise hitting the road by 10 or 11 a.m and stopping for lunch along the way, instead of getting lunch, then leaving.

AAA says 42 percent of people will return home Tuesday or later, although students in our area are already back in school, keep in mind that Tuesday is the first day of school in many other parts of the country, so you could find yourself in school-related traffic.