New grading system issued in Clay County

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CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A new grading system in Clay County has some parents scratching their heads.

"Oh, this is way too much to decipher. I think it's really difficult for parents to understand what a lot of these phrases mean," said one parent.

"It's confusing, very hard to read. I mean, this made much more sense," said another parent. 

While at first glance the new report cards seem like a lot of information, the Clay County School district said there's a reason why things like, "Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares," and "Write narratives in which they introduce a topic," are graded on the new report cards.

"Instead of giving a letter grade, it gives a lot more feedback. The goal of a letter grade is not just to have a point value, it's to tell the story of your child's progress," said Clay County School District's Gavin Rollins. 

The district feels the new report card is a lot more helpful to parents. 

"We feel it does give more information to parents. If your child gets an ‘A', that doesn't tell you your child has trouble re-telling a story," said Rollins.

Part of the changes have to do with new federal education guidelines called "common core." It's been adopted by 45 states and is designed to get all students up to a certain level.

The system has drawn some controversy, but some parents are happy to get more information about how their kid is doing.

"If it gets down to nitty gritty, you find out what you need to know, if your kid's doing well or not. I think it serves a good purpose," said Micah Barth.

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