St. Augustine deems Gentlemen of the Road tour successful

Organizers said there were minor hiccups during festival

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Organizers for the big Mumford and Sons concert over the weekend told Channel 4 Monday night that the big event was a success. Despite that success, organizers said they do plan to look at ways to improve the experience for concert goers in the future.

Organizers said the official numbers for the Gentlemen of the Road show aren't in yet, but thousands of people flocked to Francis Field over the weekend for the show. 

Deputy Comptroller Meredith Breidenstein told Channel 4 that the event was very safe and only had a couple of hiccups.

"I think we knew the amount of people who were going to be coming," Breidenstein said. "We knew what our town could do and we knew what needed to be put in place to make it work. We're so happy with the way it went."

Breidenstein explained that it took eight months of planning to pull off the old city's largest event. For security, the city used 60 officers from six different agencies to patrol the crowds. 

Police arrested one person on a misdemeanor charge and two other concert goers were kicked off property for disorderly conduct.

Breidenstein said managing traffic flow and shuttling hundreds of people to the event also went smoothly

One thing Breidenstein said would need to improve in the future is the city's communication with businesses and neighbors.  Breidenstein said the community felt unprepared on how to handle the traffic and crowds.

"All these thing -- we're going to talk about. What worked, what didn't work. What more people do you need here? What fewer people, what roads closed, did it work or not work?" explained Breidenstein.

City officials will starting having those conversations later this week. Final numbers for the event are expected in two weeks.