Video shows ramming, police shooting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Surveillance video obtained by Channel 4 shows a police-involved shooting inside a parking garage at Jacksonville International Airport in May in which police say a car thief tried to run over officers, then got away.

Rodney Addison (pictured, below), 20, and a 17-year-old in that vehicle were shot. Both are OK, and Addison is in jail.

The video from inside the rental car garage shows a man who police say is Addison park a stolen car. He gets out, stands in the doorway and then is quickly surrounded by unmarked police cars, which had been following him for quite a ways.

Investigators say when he was cornered, he rammed two of their vehicles and almost ran over some of their officers as he tried to get away.

Police say Detective Edward Rogers fired his AR-15 rifle three times at the stolen car, but Addison and a 17-year-old friend kept fleeing, caught on camera weaving backwards through the garage, with police in hot pursuit on foot and in their cars and trucks.

The garage had airport travelers in it at the time. None of them were hurt. But the driver of a blue Nissan had to quickly get out of the way so the car didn't get hit.

That's the last that was seen of the white car. Police said Addison and the teen were able to escape, and a little while later, the teen wound up near an elementary school. He had been shot in the leg but was expected to recover. He was also questioned but not arrested.

Days later, detectives said Addison turned himself in. Jail booking photos show he too had apparently been shot in the side.

Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson said it appears the officer had every right to open fire because he and the other detectives' lives were in danger.

Addison faces a slew of charges ranging from attempted murder of a law enforcement officer to auto theft to possession of cocaine. He's due back in court in a month.

Police say they're still reviewing the incident and had no further comment. Detective Rogers is still on duty.