Man gets life for murdering pregnant woman


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 27-year-old Jacksonville man was sentenced to three life terms Thursday morning for the murders of a 23-year-old woman and her unborn child.

Last month, Andrew King was convicted of first-degree murder, killing an unborn child and burglary with assault or battery. He received life in prison on each count. The sentences run consecutively.

The trial was King's third. The first two ended in hung juries.

In June 2010, King killed Felicia Burney, who was pregnant. At the time of her death, Burney was living in an Arlington home with King's ex-girlfriend.

Evidence showed King killed Burney because he believed she was interfering with his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Burney (pictured, right), a mother of three young children, was eight months pregnant when King stabbed her in the neck and chest with a knife.

King was on probation when he murdered Burney. The probation stemmed from a past arrest when King kicked down a door at the ex-girlfriend's home.

Before he was led out of the courtroom after his sentencing Thursday morning, King continued to proclaim his innocence, saying "I did not kill that girl."

First-degree murder convictions are automatically appealed.