Big Pete's Pizzeria is cited for violations, relieved inspectors found problem

Manager fixed high priority violations in less than 24 hours

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Big Pete's Pizzeria on North Julia Street downtown hit the Restaurant Report with four high priority violations.  The most concerning were two that all had to do with temperature.  We asked manager Nathan Siva about the problem

"Our cooler was high on temperature so that's what he was telling us to do," says Siva.

Siva explains the inspector said their cooler wasn't working properly.  He found meat and cheese inside the cooler 6 to 7 degrees above a safe holding temperature. Siva says the cooler needed freon so he called a repairman.  I asked when it was fixed.

"The same day, we fixed it, they came back the next day. The inspector came and did the inspection and no problem everything was fixed," says Siva.

This was a case where Siva said he had no idea that the cooler wasn't working properly.  He says he's thankful that the state keeps such a watchful eye.

"We check it but sometimes if it goes up and down, it always helps when they come in and check it, so it's really good," says Siva.

As for the food that was out of temperature he said it was either thrown away or safely stored properly.  

"It depends on the temperature ours was not that high it was 2 degrees higher. Some things we discarded, but we go ahead and do what needs to be done," says Siva.

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