Developers purchase eye sore condo

New plans for half-finished condo on Goodbys Creek

Developers told Channel 4 the finished condos will look similar to its original plans from years ago.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's been an eye sore in the Jacksonville community for years and now, Channel 4 has learned that the unfinished condos on the corner of Baymeadows at San Jose will be finished.

"Well, we are very tired of looking at it. I am very happy something is going to be done with it," said business owner Genia Del Vecchio.

Vecchio wasn't the only person Channel 4 spoke with Wednesday night about the unfinished, unsightly condominiums located on Goodbys Creek. The monstrous concrete, half-finished condo has been sitting unfinished for years.

"There's a lot of homeless people back there, they hang around here asking for money for the bus," said Lauren Farmer.

The Cove at St. Johns lost its developer years ago when the real estate market tanked and now years later, the Prospect Property Group in Orlando has forked over a few million dollars to buy the property, with intent to finish building.

"There is nothing constructionally (sic) wrong with the structures itself. It's concrete so we have done many different show of samples, concrete samples a number of different engineers out there, it is a sound structure," said CBRE's Brian Moulder.

"I am sure we will get business from it," said Del Vecchio. "It's an eye sore everyone has been talking about it, being out there left empty. It will be nice for them to fix it up, it will look nice back there."

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