More depositions needed in Dunn trial

Michael Dunn walks into court for a pretrial hearing.
Michael Dunn walks into court for a pretrial hearing.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In a pretrial hearing for Michael Dunn on Thursday morning, prosecutors and defense lawyers told a judge there are more than 100 combined witnesses in the case, and more depositions need to be done.

As a result, no trial date was set for the man accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis last year. The judge, however, is still hoping for the trial to begin in January or February.

Davis' parents were at Thursday's hearing, and his mother said it's good to know that the legal process is moving forward.

"Judge (Russell) Healey is really paying heed to just making sure that everyone is going to be able to come to some kind of healing through all this," Lucy McBath said. "There is an end in sight, and so we appreciate what he is trying to do in moving the case efficiently through the system."

Dunn is charged with murder in the death of Davis during in a dispute over loud music outside a Gate station last November.

Dunn claims self-defense after thinking he saw a gun in the SUV that Davis (pictured, right) and other friends were in, but police said no weapon was found in or around the vehicle.

The next pretrial hearing for Dunn is set for Oct. 9.

Davis' parents have become advocates for gun safety since his death. On Monday, they were in Washington D.C. and planned to testify before Congress, but that was postponed due to the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.

They say their sympathy is with the families of the victims of the shooting, and that it serves as a reminder of why the nation's gun laws need to be changed.