Police: Man robbed 2 outside Westside bar

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One man was arrested after an armed robbery outside a Westside business Wednesday night.

Two patrons of Island Bar on Roosevelt Boulevard were walking to their car about 10:15 p.m. when two people came out of the bushes.

One of them had a gun and demanded money and told them to get out of their car. The robbers then stole the car and took off.

Two hours later, an officer spotted the vehicle in a driveway.

"Several individuals were around the vehicle on the front porch of the residence," said Detective Steve Zona, of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. "He had some backup respond. They obtained several of the individuals. As a result, one of them was identified as the suspect who committed the crime. He was arrested."

No one was hurt.

Officers said they were able to recover some of the property and a gun.

Trinad Thomas, 24, was arrested and charged with robbery and carjacking.

Investigators believe the robbery was random.