Starke Elementary works to fix mold problems


STARKE, Fla. – Starke Elementary School is moving forward after mold problems that caused it to close down last month.

Just two days into the school year, district officials closed the school because of the air quality concerns.

The school's students are now attending classes in other places around the county.

The district hired Pure Air Control Services to conduct tests throughout the school, measuring things like temperature and humidity, dust levels, and levels of bacteria and fungi.

The company says there were no imminent health concerns. They did find excessive dust and fungal growth inside the air conditioning systems. And they found places where outside air could get into the building and that warm, moist air could help mold grow.

The report makes a number of recommendations, including a possible thorough cleaning of the air handlers and the air conditioning ducts.  It also suggests that the entire school be cleaned and sanitized.

District officials are working with air quality experts, architects and engineers to develop a comprehensive solution. They do not yet know when the school will reopen.