Jacksonville man, customers want clothes back after dry cleaner closes

Man tries picking up clothes for past 10 days


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – How would you react if you went to the dry cleaners and discovered they were closed indefinitely?

A Jacksonville man has tried to pick up his dry cleaning nearly every day for the last ten days, but no matter when he shows up, no one is there.

With several clothes inside, customers want to know what is going on.

"I just want to get my cleaning back," said Todd Smith.

Smith never thought he'd still be without the four shirts he dropped off at JonFor Cleaners on San Jose Boulevard two weeks ago.

"I'm a little upset that there is no sign on the building explaining what's going on. I've tried to contact the people. I left my phone number. I have left a message. No one is returning my call. The mail box is full," said Smith. "I called the police and they said it's nothing they could do."

Channel 4 has tried to reach the cleaners, too, but found no luck. A Better Business Bureau sticker was found outside the door, but when Channel 4 called, it was discovered they are actually not a member.

The BBB said JonFor Cleaners has a "D" rating with the organization after a complaint last year, where a customer claimed the company lost two pairs of jeans totaling $85.

Channel 4 contacted a legal expert about what customers should do in this situation.

"Their best legal option is to contact the landlord that leased the property because the landlord has the obligation to allow customers to pick up the property that's in the leased premises," said Rod Sullivan, a law professor at Florida Coastal School of Law. "Because it doesn't belong to the tenant and they have to give them at least ten days to come by to pick up their clothing, and I think most reasonable landlords will give even more time than that."

Smith said he plans to reach out to the property manager.

Meanwhile, the BBB said it's always a good idea to check their website to see how businesses are graded on their website.