Runner's cooler prompts office scare


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A runner's cooler prompted a bomb squad callout Tuesday on at a Southside office building.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office bomb squad was called to 5200 Gate Parkway about noon.

Police said a marathon runner was training and strategically placed coolers every two miles during her run. Inside the cooler was two bottles of water and a flashlight.

The cooler was placed on the property line of PHH Mortgage.

After a 20-mile run, still in her workout clothes, she returned to pick up the cooler and couldn't get in the gate because it was blocked off, police said.

She said something to the effect of, "I hope this isn't about my package," according to police. Officers said, "It is," as she described it and was very sorry to cause all this trouble.

When she opened the cooler, the flashlight was gone but the water and iPhone was still there, police said.

Officers said they never evacuated the building, just moved people to a different part of it. They said police take these calls very seriously and use the resources they have to make sure everyone's safe.