Concerns over pump problems raised in Jacksonville Beach

Residents believe pump issue caused fast flooding after heavy rains


JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Some Jacksonville Beach residents believe there may be a pump issue that caused the fast flooding following Monday's heavy rains.

The water rushed in with the ferocity of a tropical storm and then drained out just as fast.

The question some residents on 2nd Street in Jacksonville Beach are asking is what caused the issue, whether it was Mother Nature or the pump system not turning on where 2nd Street meets 9th Avenue North.

"Right here was flooded," said resident Bill Murray. "Buddy of mine was here and water was on his tires. It marched straight up."

Channel 4's Scott Johnson talked to one local man who said he wanted to keep his name out of the story because of dealings with city government. He told Channel 4 the pump wasn't on when the Monday afternoon downpour began.

The man said he called the city to turn on the pump system. When that happened, the water immediately drained.

"I would actually believe that because as quickly as it rose up, it went away quickly," said resident Erika Gleason. "So that makes sense."

Channel 4 made multiple attempts to get an interview with the city's public works department with no success.

However, Channel 4's Scott Johnson did get in touch with one public works employee who said that the pump system was operational and this was all due to heavy rain.

"That's the second time it's happened. Hasn't flooded since they put in pumps, but it definitely wasn't normal. It just rained really hard for about two hours. In the matter of like an hour, you could see water coming up."

"It didn't look like any pumps were turned on," said Murray. "All I know is the city said there was nothing wrong with drains and there clearly was something. Probably due to construction around here."

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