Government shutdown poses no threat to cyber security

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – No matter what the federal security websites say, your personal information is not in any greater danger because of the government shutdown, according to Channel 4's computer expert Chris Hammer.

"I don't think we're left as wide open as there are those that would say," Hammer said.

Hammer explains that just because there may be fewer U.S. security personnel manning their cyber stations, foreign enemies are not going to make any sudden moves.

"They're in it for the long run," Hammer said. "So them dramatically changing their pattern of attack will reveal their methodology. They're in it for the long game."

Hammer says our networks are constantly under attack, so there's no doubt the government has a plan B and C in the event of a breach in online security.

"If you leave for vacation, you don't leave and throw the keys in a flower pot and take off," Hammer said. "They have policies and procedures. Even though they have removed nonessential personnel, they have a plan for an orderly shutdown, so it's not just like a last person out throw the switch.

Hammer added, "What may happen if the system is compromised, the response time to contain it may be longer, the amount of penetration may be greater, but the response may be to just isolate the machine and shut it down."

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