Waycross fatal police shooting rallies community

Police shot and killed Jack Roberson last week

WAYCROSS, Ga. – About 100 people gathered  in Waycross Thursday night to discuss the investigation into the police shooting of Jack Roberson last week.

Neighbors gathered at the Macedonia Baptist Church to ask city leaders for transparency from investigators about the events leading up to last Friday's shooting.

"It's a concern about the whole aspect of lack of concern for life, particularly in the African-American community," said Rev. Fer-Rell Malone with Macedonia Baptist Church. "We want to raise awareness to the public of what do you need to do if you're stopped."

The group plans to gather at city hall next week to let the Waycross mayor and city council know they want a full investigation into what happened and they want the information available to everyone.

"The community doesn't have faith in the [Georgia Bureau of Investigation]," said Justice League United member Bobby Worthy. "I definitely don't have faith in the GBI because of the Rulings in the Kendrick Johnson and Andrew Poole case."

"We want to make sure the GBI report that comes out is presented to the entire community. That it's not anything that's done in a back closet and they say everything is alright," Rev. Malone said. "Sometimes folks take care of their own and we want to make sure there is a transparency in the reporting."

The group will present its request at a council committee meeting Monday night and then to the full council at its regular meeting on Tuesday.