Letters, witness interviews in Michael Dunn case released

Jail cell letters shed light on accused killer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.For the first time, Channel 4 is hearing from Michael Dunn, the man who is accused of shooting and killing Jacksonville teen, Jordan Davis (pictured, right) at a Southside gas station.

Channel 4 obtained dozens of letters Dunn has written from his jail cell. In many of the letters Michael Dunn talks about his case.

In many of the letters, Dunn lashes out at about the media and the State Attorney's Office. Some of the words he wrote had extreme racial undertones, like one letter he wrote last June that reads, "I'm not getting much in the way of sympathy from the press. The're (sic) a bunch of liberal ****."

Dunn went on to write, "North Florida is more like the deep south. They seem to have a lot of racial guilt, or at least the prosecutor's office does."

Dunn also lashes out at the teens in the SUV that he is accused of shooting at.

"I was thinking an easy way to die would to be to ask a car load of thugs to turn their stereo down!" wrote Dunn.

READ LETTERS DUNN WROTE FROM JAIL:  To Grandma | To daughter | To unknown
Warning: Letters may contain foul, offensive language

In a letter written to his grandmother, Dunn writes, "I'm hoping that my attorney is able to get sworn statements or something from those 3 boys and catch them in their lies."

Dunn also wrote about the night of the shooting. "There was a weapon," he writes. "I cannot say for sure what it was, as I only saw the top portion of the barell (sic). To me it looked like a shotgun."

In another letter, Dunn explains what is happening inside the Duval County Jail. "The Jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs. This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these **** idiots when they're threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior," wrote Dunn.

Dunn also brought up George Zimmerman's case in the letters, saying that he was advised by people that he has a stronger case than Zimmerman did.

Channel 4 spoke with Attorney Gene Nichols about the letters Wednesday night.

"When I read these letters, I see all he's trying to do is put his own story out there, knowing we're going to talk about it as soon as they come up, and establish what he believes is a 'stand your ground' defense and what he believes is a charging factor in this case," said Nichols. "If you have one thing that you say in these letters, that's different than what you say in trial. It'll come back and bite you," said Nichols.

Channel 4 also obtained audio interviews with people who knew Dunn's wife. The interviews give a perspective about Dunn as being a violent man with a temper. In one excerpt, the witness tells investigators about how Dunn threatened his wife's life.

"Yes, it concerned me so much that once I went to her home while he was not there over one of the complaints she had came with and was crying, told me that he put a gun to her head and he was going to blow her **** brains out if she didn't do what he told her to do," said the witness. "I went into his home 10 minutes later, and I took the gun and kept it at my house. The only gun the wife told him about."

This same man went on to tell detectives that he attempted to stick up for Dunn's wife.

"I told him if anything happened to his wife I would be stepping forward because she said he had threatened her, you better not let anything happen to her," said the witness.

Detectives also interviewed another witness, a woman who told them that at one point Dunn's wife found a white powder substance that detectives speculated may have been drugs and hid it from him.

"He started pushing her and originally she denied it. So, he slapped her and she still wouldn't tell him where it was, and so he started to punch her and when she was on the ground, he was kicking her and straddling her and punching her," said the witness.

Dunn's next court date is Oct. 24.

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