Charlie Crist works to connect with Floridians

Former governor releases what GOP calls his first campaign video


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The race for governor in Florida is about to kick off between current Governor Rick Scott and possibly another heavy hitter. Former GOP governor-turned independent-turned Democrat Charlie Crist is working on connecting with Floridians.

The campaign trail is heating up in Florida. Crist released Friday morning what the GOP is calling his first campaign video.

In very little time, the Republican Party of Florida released their own online video bashing the former governor.

Scott has also been amping up his message. His "It's Working" platform is being repeated by him and echoed by groups who support the incumbent.

"It's working," said Scott.

"What we need to take a look at is what's working," said Mark Wilson.

On social media sites online, Crist's post is headlined with "it's not working."

"...against simple act of casting your vote. It's not working," said Crist.

Although an announcement hasn't been made whether if Crist will run for office, both Democrats and Republicans are gearing up for a very heated gubernatorial race.

"It's broken; it's not working is a willingness to open a conversation on how we do politics different in the state of Florida," said political consultant Kevin Cate.

Crist is expected to announce after a new law taking effect Nov. 1 eases fundraising limits.

Current law limits campaign contributions to $500. After Nov. 1, they jump to $3,000 for gubernatorial candidates. Crist is attending this weekend's Florida Democratic Party Convention, but not speaking.