Casket Factory opens after 50 years for Halloween party

Fundraiser in Jacksonville building believed to be haunted

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On Saturday October 26, 2013, the Jacksonville Historical Society will stage what it hopes will be the greatest Halloween party in Jacksonville's history. It will take place at the Casket Factory, a mysterious old brick building on the edge of downtown. It is 15,000 square feet, partially covered with vines, and thought by many to be haunted.

Dr. Wayne Wood with the Jacksonville History society explains, "The Jacksonville Historical Society owns four historic buildings: an old church, a house museum, old St. Luke's Hosiptal and next door to this hospital is a casket factory, it's kind of ironic. And this casket factory has been closed for many many years since it was a casket factory in fact the third floor of the building where the main part of the party is going to be held has not been used probably for over 50 years. And so we're going to inaugurate it and see if the spooks are haunting the third floor.

Dr. Wood says the Jacksonville Historical society is constantly having to maintain these buildings, so this event is a fund-raiser to support the restoration and maintenance of Old St. Luke's Hospital, a National Register landmark constructed in 1878 and owned by the Jacksonville Historical Society. Old St. Luke's and the Casket Factory are located at 314 Palmetto Street, adjacent to the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

"Several of the buildings are over 100 years old and they require maintenance so

The party will include live bands, outstanding food, libations, dancing, a costume contest, performers, and a frightful Labyrinth of Terror. At midnight, the winner of the Totally Amazing Costume Contest will be announced, with prizes valued at $1,000.

Orgainzer Abigail Wright says partygoers can expect a great time on all levels of the building

"On the second floor is the hall of terror,' Wright says. "So there's lots of things that may or may not pop out at you."

Here are the event details:

Date & Time: Saturday October 26, 2013 – 8pm to 1am.

Everyone must have a costume to enter

The old Casket Factory: located at 314 Palmetto Street, adjacent to Old St. Luke's Hospital and the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

The party will include four areas:

* Casket Factory 3rd floor – live band, dancing, costume contest, social gathering, bar
* Casket Factory 2nd floor – The Labyrinth of Terror, The Night Gallery, lounges
* Lawn – large circus tent, with bar, food, and performers
* Old St. Luke's Hospital - tour this 1878 Historic Landmark

Attendance: Open to the public; limited to 400 people; must be 21 or older, with proper I.

Price: $48.50 per person in advance; price includes two drink tickets; tickets will cost $60 the day of the event.

Entertainment: Bands and a variety of performers, including Mam Blue, Folk Is People, and The Molotov Cocktail Party.

Beer & Wine: Adult libations

Food: Gourmet bites from 12 fine local restaurants.

Free Parking: On the casket factory grounds and at the city parking lot across the street.

The Totally Amazing Costume Contest: the winner will be announced at midnight, with prizes valued at $1,000.

To get your tickets, click on this link: https://halloweencasket.eventbrite.com