Man accused of defacing Middleburg house where Det. David White died

Anthonio Cassanova arrested on vandalism charges

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. – Deputies have arrested the man they say painted white supremacist graffiti on the home where a Clay County detective was killed.

Channel 4 reported on Oct. 21 that someone spray-painted white supremacist graffiti all over the Middleburg home where Detective David White was shot and killed last year.

Community members refused to let the hate speech remain by working together Saturday to clean up the mess. Just hours after, a group of Clay County firefighters got together and repainted the home.

Deputies said they have arrested 44-year-old Anthonio Cassanova (pictured, below), who is now in the Clay County Jail booked on vandalism charges.

Channel 4 spoke to one of the firefighters who donated his time to fix up the home.

It took 10 volunteers, three hours, plenty of paint and supplies, but finally, the symbols of hate and the message "Rest in Peace Ted Tilley," are gone.

The home has been boarded up since Feb. 2012 after investigators raided the home, an apparent meth house, and Ted Tilley shot and killed Det. David White.

Lt. David Seymour with Clay County Fire and Rescue was there for the cleanup and knew White well.

"He was just a super extra nice guy. About one of the best citizens you could have around. He'd get you what you needed," said Seymour. "I mean, we all do that together. Fire Rescue and the local police are real close. We worked a lot closer than most. He was just like my own brother. He'd do anything in the world for any of us."

Casanova was charged with vandalism to something $1,000 or more. It's a relief for Lt. Seymour.

"That was an excellent relief for us because I was afraid that we'd go back tomorrow and it'd be, you know, done again. So, hopefully, it won't happen again. It's real good that they got him."

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