Concerns over speeding on Sibbald Road

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Neighbors say something needs to be done about the excessive speeding on Sibbald Road on the Norhtside after a hit-and-run crash claimed the life of a local teen.

It's the same road where 14-year-old D'Quan Armstrong (pictured) was killed by a hit and run driver in August.

Police arrested Lucious Hester (below) for the crime. They say he was speeding at the time of the accident.

Channel 4 used a radar gun to clock driver's on the road where the speed limit is 35. We clocked numerous people speeding, some going as fast as 51 mph.

Those who live along Sibbald Road -- which runs between Soutel and Lem Turner Roads -- said this is a problem that's been brewing for years.

"Traffic along Sibbald is way too fast. They need to slow down," said Chloe Johnson. "The speed limit doesn't make any difference. Because most people come through here, they're coming through. Its the through street."

Not only are there no speed bumps along Sibbald, there are no sidewalks, which has some parents worried.

"Kids get off buses there and they don't have anywhere to walk but the streets. So I think they need to put a sidewalk right there," Johnson said