Police name robbery suspect killed by officer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police say a 28-year-old man fleeing from a convenience store he robbed on Sunday night was shot and killed by a pursuing officer who had just ordered him not to reach for a gun.

Jarmel Cosby was wearing a black ski mask when he held up Trout River Foods about 8:30 p.m., according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. He was walking east on Broward Road when Officer M.W. Crawford turned in front of Cosby and ordered him to stop.  Police said Cosby instead turned and ran, holding a gun in his hand.

When Cosby (pictured, right) jumped over a fence, he fell and dropped the gun. According to the JSO, Officer Crawford ordered him not to move or reach for the gun, but police when he didn't comply and reached for the gun, Crawford, shot Cosby three times.

"He put the officer's lives and other people's lives that live that area (in danger)," JSO Assistant Chief Annie Smith. "Unfortunately, times like that, officers are forced to make that decision of protecting our lives and the lives of others."

Detectives recovered Cosby's gun, a .25-caliber Raven. It had five rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber.  They also found the black ski mask worn during the robbery in Cosby's backpack.

Cosby was arrested several times since 2006 on charges included car theft, domestic battery, assault on a pregnant woman, grand theft and three times for resisting arrest.

Officer Crawford will be on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated, which is standard procedure for any officer-involved shooting.