Common products linked to cancer


Researchers have become more like C.S.I. detectives trying to identify new causes for breast cancer.

Suspect number one is tainted mascara. It contains a metal that fuels breast cancer. Instead go for natural mascara, as it offers the same beautifying effects as regular mascara, minus the poison.

Suspect number two is air fresheners. Most contain phthalates, this chemical helps strengthen the most hard to treat types of breast cancer. Instead use vodka. It has some of the same components as air fresheners without the toxins.

Number three is toilet deodorizers. Most have a solvent which has been linked to early puberty in girls, which is a huge breast cancer risk. To clean your toilet use distilled white vinegar instead.

Going natural is an easy way to avoid some of these risks.  Some other switches are using lavender instead of mothballs, fresh or frozen foods over canned, and hemp or cotton instead of vinyl.

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