Guns for sale on social media

People snap photos of guns, advertise them as 'for sale' online

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There's a new trend taking social media by storm, in which people are snapping pictures of their guns and advertising them as "for sale" on Instagram and Facebook.

"You're going to sell your guns to people you know, it's a good way to get in contact fairly quick," said Green Acres Sporting Goods' Phillip Gazaleh.

Gazaleh manages the gun section of this sporting goods store on the Westside. He told Channel 4 that he has seen a lot of advertisements selling guns online, but those sellers aren't a threat to his business.

"Most people these days are concerned with selling their guns to anybody on the streets. Just for fact, if in hands of wrong person, and crime committed, they don't want the gun linked back to them," said Gazaleh.

"Nothing deceptive about it, as long as they comply with 20,000 laws, rules and regulations regarding the sale of firearms, there's nothing wrong with making contact initially on the Internet," said Jacksonville lawyer Eric Friday.

Friday said there are a lot of laws for people to follow who are looking to sell their firearms on the Internet. Nothing in the law prohibits posting a photo of your firearm, but there are rules to remember.

"They have to meet face to face, or conduct sale through a licensed dealer, which then conducts a background check," said Friday.

Gazaleh said he may turn to social media for sales too, because marketing there has been good for him before.

"We have in the past, and it's been fairly successful, hard to beat print and TV," said Gazaleh. "Always market out there, all you have to do is hit one person and if it's the right person, you can make plenty of sales."

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