JIA increases police presence after LAX shooting

Airport police in constant contact with federal investigators Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Authorities at Jacksonville International Airport did not change their alert status after the shooting at LAX Friday, but instead quickly increased police presence around all of Jacksonville's airport terminals.

Airport police told Channel 4 that they were in constant contact with federal investigators Friday to see if JIA would be impacted by the shooting at LAX.

"We have pulled in more personnel to increase our invisible presence at the airport. We've brought them in to give the public a good feeling of flying safe here," said Lt. Mark Stevens.

"I feel like there is safety in most airports, and I have been flying around the world for a long time and I feel safe doing it," said traveler Art Carver.

"Usually it's a one-time incident. It doesn't bother me at all," said traveler Rob Tetrault.

Former FBI Agent Dale Carson said federal officers routinely patrol the airport alongside police and would be ready to respond.

"The bureau would get a call, probably not from the first responding officer but somebody from the dispatch office, and then they would mobilize their own units and start sending people that way," said Carson.

JIA is encouraging travelers to check their flight status, in case Friday's events continue to delay flights over the weekend. JIA encourages you to check the status of your flight using your air carrier's website.