Delivery driver lured into Orlando apartment, shot

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – James Bascomb has been a delivery driver for Kickbacks Gastropub in Riverside for a little less than a year. He knows on occasion, his job takes him to some sketchy parts of town, and that can make him a target for bad guys.

"There's always that concern, I guess, but you just have to be careful," said Bascomb. "Sometimes you go to a neighborhood that's a little bit weird or whatever. They tell us that if we pull up somewhere and it doesn't look safe, call the customer to make sure it's legitimate."

Experts say that's very good advice.

Friday night a robber shot a delivery driver for Hungry Howie's in Orlando after a delivery at an apartment complex.

Saturday night, in Flagler County, officials say Giuseppe Verdone and a teenage accomplice carjacked the Chinese food delivery driver after luring him into what turned out to be a vacant home.

Channel 4 spoke to our crime expert Ken Jefferson who says drivers need to have an escape plan.

"Always have their car parked in such a way that they can get away or out to a different area quickly," said Jefferson. "The car is very accessible to them. I would not advise them to leave the car running with the keys in it, but have the keys ready and available."

Bascomb says for him, it's all about keeping his wits.

"I try to be safe," Bascomb said. "It makes me more conscientious about what I'm doing."