Some police dogs in England now receive pensions

About 1/3 of Nottinghamshire police dogs will likely retire over next 3 years

Courtesy: BBC
Courtesy: BBC

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, England – Police dogs in one county in England can now live often better lives, after putting in a number of years on the force.

Beginning next month, Nottinghamshire will start giving retiring police dogs, pensions.

The dogs will receive up to $800 U.S. annually, for up to three years; that's a maximum of $2,400.

Channel 4 is told the money will help pay for veterinarian care and kennel fees.

The initiative is aimed to recognize the valuable contributions of police dogs as crime-fighters and peace-keepers.

At least 9 of 26 dogs in Nottinghamshire are expected to retire over the next three years.

Read more about the new initiative from the BBC News.

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