Family pet rabbit found dead in neighborhood

Jacksonville mom worried about recent mischief


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville woman is taking action after she believes someone stole her pet rabbit from a locked cage and killed it.

Meghann McCormick-Ramos told Channel 4 that she heard footsteps in her backyard near her daughter's bedroom the Friday after Halloween.

"We put on our flood lights and I brought my dog outside to look, and we noticed our bunny's cage was wide open," said McCormick-Ramos.

McCormick-Ramos said she called police when she saw the open cage and her bunny, Sugar Plum, wasn't inside.

The family started putting up flyers around their neighborhood Saturday afternoon looking for Sugar Plum.

A few hours later, one of the McCormick-Ramos' neighbors found the bunny deceased in the middle of their backyard.

"She was just devastated, I am devastated to the point where it's making us think about watching our golden retriever when she's outside, that someone is always with her and watching her," said McCromick-Ramos.

McCormick-Ramos said Sugar Plum's death was the third mischievous behavior in her Mandarin subdivision. She said first a neighborhood cat disappeared, then a tree was vandalized in her neighborhood. McCromick-Ramos said she is concerned about what could happen next.

"Very uncomfortable to the point where I've contacted JSO and we are setting up a neighborhood watch so everyone can be aware of things happening in this community," said McCormick-Ramos.