Is Facebook down?

Website down for hours, frustrating users


If you are like most people, one of the first things you do in the morning when you are getting ready to start your day is check in with social media. But this morning, many users of Facebook were faced with half loading pages, missing posts, and the never ending message: page still loading.

According to Down Right Now, a website that monitors popular webpages for outages based on crowd reporting, Facebook has been down for at least three hours. At approximately 12:30pm, the pages started working again.

Channel 4's Facebook page had been down all morning, with only the admin panel showing. Thankfully, we use a third party app called Social News Desk to post updates to you in order to keep you informed, but even that program is being challenged. Some posts are coming up as errors thanks to Facebook not responding correctly.

Frustration on the lack of use on Facebook has reached across social media platforms. On it's rival, Twitter, the hashtag #FacebookDown is already trending.