'Feed the City' offers homeless food, goods

Clara White Mission holds event for 18th time


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than 1,000 homeless people gathered at the Clara White Mission Sunday morning, seeking food, clothing and bicycle repairs.

The event -- Feed the City -- was sponsored by Celebration Church and 93.3 FM, The Beat. 

For Horace Gordon, it's a big help.

"I got a lot of goodies, shirts, cologne, toothpaste, socks, snacks. It's nice."

Gordon is a veteran who says he recently ended up living on the streets. He says he appreciates the community's support.

"I look forward to this time, when people care enough to help people. I'm so thrilled I could dance, turn the music up," Gordon said. 

Inside, the mission offered many donated items, including shoes, jackets, shirts, hats and gloves. There was also warm food available. 

"They're people who look like you and I, who have had jobs at one time, and they need a hand up, so we depend on the community to help us in our endeavors," said Ju'Coby PIttman, representative of the Clara White Mission.

Open Road Bicycles was also at the event, offering free bike repairs. For many homeless, bikes are the only means of transportation. 

This is the 18th time the event was held. 

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