Jacksonville safety fair fingerprints kids for free

Event part of national campaign to help if child is ever missing


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Keeping kids safe was the theme Saturday as dozens of children received free fingerprinting at Fields Cadillac Jacksonville. The safety fair was part of a national campaign aimed at cutting down time gathering info if a child is ever missing.

For Nathan Polet nothing is more important than keeping his kids safe. That's why he decided to bring them out to the safety fair at Fields Cadillac to get fingerprinted.

It's one of those things you pray you never have to use," Polet says. "But it's better to have it than to not have it."

Every fingerprint taken here is a part or a national program called The Keeping Kids Safe Project by S.I.P kids. They travel the country giving free FBI quality fingerprints to children.

"In case something would happen you've got the information it's quick access for the authorities to get it," Polet says.

For the past 5 years they've partnered with Fields Cadillac of Jacksonville.

"it's just something where were going to always be able to track a child," says Sandy Johnson of Fields Cadillac of Jacksonville. "As much meanness that's in the world we really stand behind making sure that kids are safe."

Johnson says not only do they want to keep kids safe, its about having fun too. That's why this fair has karate demonstrations, coloring and face painting.

"It's very exciting," Johnson says. "Of course we just love watching the kids come in they come in and watch the different performers they do face painting and everything else and it's really fun watching their face light up."

Johnson believes the more families are involved the more they'll keep coming back to this event. And with it being fun and free Polet says its something you can't beat.

"It's great that they offer it for free," Polet says. "It gives us one place to go to to have stuff like this done instead of having to research it on our own we don't always know where to go."

The FBI says time is of the essence when finding pictures, fingerprints and information. Families will leave the event with it all in one place.