Audio, video in Jameis Winston case released

State Attorney announced Thursday FSU QB would not be charged

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A week after announcing that there was not enough evidence to prosecute Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston on a sexual assault charge, the state attorney's office released 911 calls and witness interviews in the case.

Among material released is audio with the victim's friend and Florida State University football players, but not with the victim or Winston.

Two hours after the accuser left an off-campus bar, her friend, Jenna Weisberg, called police.

LISTEN:  911 calls to Tallahassee Police Department

911 operator: "And you said she was raped?"
Jenna Weisberg: "Yea."
911 operator: "Is that her I hear in the background?"
Jenna Weisberg: "Yea."

Weisberg told investigators this past November of a friend who was reluctant to report what had happened.

"She was, like, afraid to call the police because she didn't want anybody to be mad at her," Weisberg said.

Later, in her interview with police, Weisberg said the accuser thought the witnesses were trying to stop was Winston.

Two witnesses say the accuser jumped in their cab and immediately went into a room with Jameis Winston. Winston's roommates says he went into the bedroom while the two were having sex. Ronald Darby watched from outside.

"Yea, like, she was, like, 'Get up,'" said Darby, a player who witnessed the incident.

UNCUT PLAYER INTERVIEWS: Christopher Casher | Ronald Darby

Another friend of the accuser, Monique Kessler, say she didn't seem drunk. Marcus Jordan, who supplied the liquor, says it was unusual for the accuser to have left with strangers.

All of those interviewed said time had dimmed their memories, with one telling investigators she would have remembered more 11 months ago, when the rape allegedly occurred.

On Friday, State Attorney Willie Meggs' office released hundreds of pages of investigative documents in the case.  Police wrote that the accuser told detectives she'd had mixed drinks, met some people she didn't know, and blacked out.

She told FSU campus police that when she woke up, she was on a bed with a man raping her.

In a later interview with Tallahassee police, the woman said she tried to kick her attacker, but her arms were pinned down and she couldn't get away.

The accuser talked about going to a bar in Tallahassee. Later, she confirmed being in a cab with three men, one of them her attacker.

According to depositions from two of those three men, the accuser wanted to leave the bar with them.

Christopher Casher, also a football player for FSU and Winston's roommate at the time, told investigators he witnessed Winston take the woman to his room, and along with FSU defensive back Ronald Darby, the men took turns looking into the room.

Casher told police he took video of Winston and the woman engaged in sex, but that he deleted the video and destroyed the cellphone.

Darby's account lined up with Casher's.

Meggs mentioned text messages, saying the accuser was "perfectly fine, communicating, texting her friends."

Through text messages and social media, the accuser told a friend she was raped the night before.

Those messages seem to show that a friend called the accuser's parents and talked the accuser into notifying police.

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