Sister of teen murder suspect granted bond

19-year-old accused of disposing of gun used in baby's killing

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – The sister of a 17-year-old accused of killing a toddler in Brunswick last month was granted bond Wednesday.

Sabrina Elkins, 19, took the stand at a hearing and a judge set bond at $25,000. If she posts bond, she would be placed on house arrest and have a GPS monitor.

Elkins, who's charged with tampering with evidence, will not be eligible for release until Thursday. Investigators said she, along with her mother, helped dispose of the gun used the kill the child.

"I volunteered at Southeast Georgia Health Systems and I worked at Aeropostale," Elkins said at Wednesday's hearing.

Her relatives also stuck up for her. Mary Elkins, Sabrina's aunt, said she raised the teen and would let her live at her home and keep close watch.

"I've never been in trouble with the law, and I wouldn't get in trouble just to try to cover her, no," Mary Elkins said.

"She'll have to stay under house arrest, she'll have to comply with all the conditions that the judge orders for her, which includes no contact with any of the witnesses," probation Officer Brandon Hamilton said. "If she leaves her house, it'll alert us and we would take action, like a probation revocation."

Sabrina's attorney says the judge made the right choice, and if she makes bond, his client will cooperate fully and always show up to court.

"She has no prior criminal history, she's a life-long resident here of Glynn County, and I just felt like she'd be a good candidate to be released on bond," attorney W. Frank Aspinwall said.

De'Marquise Elkins (pictured above on right), Sabrina's brother, is charged with malice murder and other counts in the March 21 slaying of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago (pictured, below). Authorities say he shot the child in his stroller and wounded the baby's mother just a few blocks from their apartment in Brunswick.

Prosecutors have also charged 15-year-old Dominique Lang with murder in the case. Court records identify him as an accomplice to the slaying.

Police found a gun they believe is the murder weapon in a saltwater pond days after the killing.

Last week, Glynn County Superior Court Judge Stephen Kelley denied a request for bond for De'Marquise Elkins after about an hour and a half of testimony.

De'Marquise Elkins is due back in court May 24, when the judge will consider setting a trial date.

Elkins' mother, Karimah Elkins, and aunt, Katrina Elkins, remain in jail.