Florida woman now has health insurance

Her patience paid off on healthcare.gov


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Even with all the problems with the health care web site, one Florida woman says - she now has insurance. And she's pretty relieved, because she had been putting off a necessary surgery until she could get it.

Vera Silveri says all it took was a little patience.

"It was pretty quick. Maybe 10 minutes. If they have all your information in regards to taxes and everything, you don't have to put in any information at all. Other than your date-of-birth and social and that kind of stuff," said Silveri.

Silveri said this is also perfect timing. Her husband recently lost his job, and has since gotten a new one - without a healthcare plan.

"We both have pre-existing conditions," she said. "I have to get cataracts surgery, now is the time to get on there."

Silveri says she tried to enroll the very first day healthcare.gov went on line, but it didn't work. The second time, though, she says everything went fine. She even got an answer when she called the phone number from the site.

"I got straight through on the call side and they said I should wait a few more days because they were really backed up with everyone coming through at the same time, and I should be getting an email in a few days," said Silveri.