Parents, grandparent made toddler smoke marijuana

Police arrest and charge parents

(Chautauqua County Sheriff)

BUFFALO, NY. – A young couple from Buffalo, New York and a grandfather are in trouble with the law. Chautauqua Sheriff's say the three of them made a toddler smoke marijuana.

The Daily Mail reports the parents are teenagers George Kelsey, 18 and Jessica Kelsey, 17. The grandfather is 54 year-old Don Baker. George and Jessica are the parents of the 23 month-old toddler they made smoke marijuana.

Authorities say the incident happened earlier December and could possibly be captured on tape. 

Police say the three helped the child smoke or encouraged or observed the child with the marijuana. 

George, Jessica and Don are being held in jail. Police have charged the three with endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree reckless endangerment.

Authorities have placed the toddler into protective custody. Another sibling was also taken out of the home.