CVS shooting suspect now charged in Mojo BBQ killing

24-year-old accused of killing worker in July


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The man in custody in a robbery and shooting at a Westside CVS store in July has now been charged with murder in the killing of a worker in Mojo no.4 Urban BBQ Whiskey Bar in Avondale the same night.

Herman Pickens, 24, was hospitalized in July after being shot by police as officers tried to arrest him. He was shot by an undercover SWAT officer during a stakeout and chase. He was released a short time later from the hospital.

Pickens pleaded not guilty to the CVS robbery, attempted murder and weapons charges earlier this year.

Police were waiting to charge him in the Mojo killing until they could further build their case.

Robert Sutton, 54, was shot and killed at Mojo while doing cleaning work with another man.


A short time later is when police said Pickens robbed a nearby CVS and shot an employee, whose head was grazed by a bullet. That employee has since been released from a hospital.

Police said Pickens was in possession of a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun loaded with 11 rounds (pictured, right) when he was shot twice by an undercover SWAT officer. Police said Pickens had the gun concealed in a black bag and had his hand in the bag, and when he turned and faced officers, Detective M.E. Campanero fired at him.

The gun was tested for ballistics in relation to the Mojo killing, and police said the bullet used to kill Sutton matched the gun. Investigators said they also had surveillance video of Pickens the night of the killing.