Trolley system to do trial run

New system tol alleviate parking concerns


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority and Riverside Avondale Preservation may have a helpful solution to a local parking problem in the Avondale and Riverside neighborhoods -- a nighttime trolley system is planning to start in January.


The hope is that the trolley will grow business and provide a safe, convenient and cheap way to get around town.


"We really wanted to see if we could do something different there that tried to serve that market at night and help address some of the parking concerns that they have," said Brad Thoburn from the Jacksonville Transportation Authority.


The area is known to have parking issues.


"I think it's an absolutely fantastical idea. I mean, so many people drive out here for the atmosphere. There's never really any parking," said Jennifer Davis.


"These areas will always have parking issues, but the trolley will be a benefit," said Jeff Evans.


"I am all for the trolley being in the neighborhood if it gives us a safe, alternative ride around late at night on the weekends, and you can't beat the price, compared to taxis," said Kim Copeland.


The price is $1.50 for a single ride, or $4 for the entire night.


The trolley will run from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. on the first weekend of every month from January to June.


It will stop at Five Points, Park & King, the Shoppes of Avondale, the Brewery District, Stockton & College and the St. Johns Village areas.


"They're really exciting places," Thoburn said. "There's a lot going on there. Parking's been an issue, so we feel like we can be part of that solution to help maintain that vibrant neighborhood that has a lot of things going on that people want to be in, they want to go to."


If the trolley is a hit, it may become a permanent program.