Holiday homecoming for Marine at JIA


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –      It was a holiday homecoming at Jacksonville International Airport that one Marine and his family will never forget.
     Cpl. Abraham Hunt got to hold his baby daughter for the first time.

Hunt has been in Afghanistan since July.
     For months, The Gainesville native watched his daughter laugh and cry with the help of Skype.
     But modern technology is no substitute for real touch.
     Hunt was greeted by his wife Tayla and daughter Allison in the terminal at Jacksonville International Airport.
     Their faces were filled with joy.

     "Yea, I'm the happiest guy alive right now. It's the first time I get to hold you. I gotta show everyone that I can be a good dad," Hunt said.

"I told her is that really my daughter? I haven't held her yet. She looks like me, everyone keeps telling me and I'm like nah she doesn't look like me. But she's absolutely beautiful and just to hold her, it's amazing," Hunt said.

   Hunt and his family didn't waste much time at the airport.
     They headed home for some much needed R&R.