Clay County drivers want safer road

Many call County Road 209 dangerous

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A fatal crash in Clay County is igniting some safety concerns about a major road.

The crash happened Saturday night around 8:45, along County Road 209 near Pine Hollow Road.

Troopers say both 37-year-old Stacey Peternel (pictured below) and 23-year old Shanice Johnson died at the scene.


FHP is still investigating, but say one of the cars veered into the center lane and hit the other head on.

Channel 4 spoke with drivers on how they think the road could be improved.

"At night time, you can barely see anything," said Lexie Mumbower. "If you're driving and a truck with high beams goes by, you can't see the mailboxes. You can't see anything."

Others we spoke with say one of the biggest problems is people just aren't careful.

"People drive crazy down that road all the time and with the lighting, it's just no good," said Hunter Allen.

Others are making their concerns known through social media with comments like this:

"209 is a dangerous road and the city needs to do something about it. I have lived here a year now, and have seen at least 10 wrecks and most end up in the ditch. One was flipped upside down. Getting people to do the speed limit and drive safely is nearly impossible."

For some of those who live in the area, this tragedy hits too close to home. They hope it could lead to change, like more lights.