Grinch steals $20,000 Christmas offering from church

Money taken from Oasis Church in Ormond Beach

Oasis Church in Ormond Beach.
Oasis Church in Ormond Beach.

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Up to $20,000 in a Christmas offering was stolen from an Ormond Beach church, according to a pastor.

The money -- collected Sunday in cash and checks -- was stolen from Oasis Church at 85 South Tymber Creek Road.

Church officials said a window was found broken at the church Monday morning, and it was later discovered that the offering was missing.

On its Facebook page, the church said, "... every year at this time, we bring our best gifts to God to be used to accomplish the mission He's given us. At Oasis, our mission is to help people to next steps in their journey with Christ, especially those far from God. This year, 100% of what is given in the Christmas offering goes to fulfill that mission. For example, we'll be investing in things like our Oasis Kids, improving our security technology, and providing an overall better experience for the children in our community."