Headstone laid at local teen's grave site

Murder of 2 girls remains unsolved after 4 months

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Four months have passed since the murders of two local teenagers, and still no arrests have been made.

Jazmine Shelton and Megan Simmons were shot and killed Aug. 10 at Shelton's home on Missouri Ave. 

On Christmas Eve, Simmons' friends and family gathered at her grave site to lay her headstone. The family said they know this is a step in the healing process, but they weren't sure if they would ever have closure.

"She's not coming back," said Karen Pippin, Simmons' grandmother. "There is never going to be justice because she is not going to come back."

Pippin said the holiday season has made the pain of her daughter's death worse. 

"It's very hard. But this was a birthday present for me to have her headstone laid," said Pippin. 

Flowers, balloons and teddy bears were sat next to the new headstone at Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, as both families explained the grieving process hasn't stopped - especially because no one has been arrested for the shooting. 

"We just want to see these crimes stop," said Pippin. "And the people that did this to these kids need to go to jail and serve time."

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