Man captures special moment by accident

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – A man testing out his new camera snapped a picture that surely warms the heart.

John Martin visited St. Augustine to capture the beauty of the city's Nights of Lights.
When he returned home, he realized he documented something even more special.

Martin says when he zoomed in on the pictures to see which one was better, he realized that he had caught a couple proposing.

"I really couldn't believe it. I just sat there and looked at it and looked through two or three of them. I was totally in shock."

The Jacksonville software developer just picked up photography as a new hobby,
using a professional camera called a Canon Rebel T5I. He stood at the seawall on the south side of the Bridge of Lions to snap photos of the boats and Santa Maria Restaurant.

Asking him about the picture, "So you didn't even see them in the picture when you were taking it?"


"No, when I was taking the picture it was probably on a 1- to 1½-inch screen, so they were just a small little speck," Martin said.

After taking a closer look and expanded the view on the image, he noticed that tiny speck on the lawn was a man in a tan t-shirt and jeans, down on one knee, asking a woman in a blue top to spend the rest of her life with him. The rest leaves the imagination to wander, but apparently she said "Yes!"

"The timing just was perfect, that I was there and took that particular picture at that particular moment," Martin said.

Now the question is, who is the couple?

Martin is trying to find out so he can get the couple the pictures.

Especially since it doesn't look like anyone else was around to record their big night under the lights.

"I have pretty much one of their magic moments of their life on film and would like to share it with them," said Martin.

"It would be amazing to track them down and give them a part of their story."